I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I watched my father draw since I was three, and he was brilliant at it. Before I started infant school, I had mastered the basics of drawing from my father.

I had won many prizes, all of them applied secretly by the school teacher without telling me. My second oil painting was selected out of many and was displayed at the famous Ueno Art Museum of Tokyo. I was 15. I decided to stop drawing and painting altogether soon after.

I had worked as an international telephone operator for 10 years. The time came when I wanted to draw a portrait of my three year old daughter on canvas. That was the first piece of art I entered, and that was displayed in an art museum in Tokyo. Four years after that, I went to London together with my family.

From then on, drawing and painting became my career in the U.K. My works were exhibited more than 10 times in Brent Cross, Hampstead, Hamleys and Harrods. I have lived in Japan since 2007.

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